What's Inside Your Roadside Emergency Kit?

More importantly, do you even have a roadside emergency kit in your car? Here are a few essentials you'll need to put in your safety kit. A small bag of useful tools can go a long way in making repairs. Things like a hammer, screwdriver, multi-tool, saw, scissors, and socket set, all can make your time stranded more productive.

Bring a couple containers of engine oil and a gallon of coolant in the event these fluids get low in your vehicle. Two cans of fix-a-flat should get one or more tires high enough off the rim that you can drive to a local service center safely. A small first aid kit is crucial for attending to minor injuries until help arrives.

Flashlights are a must for any safety kit. This guide, brought to you by your friends at the car repair team at State Park Motors Inc, should help keep you a little safer if your vehicle is disabled.

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