Using Clay Bar to Clear Contaminants from Your Car's Paint Job

Clay bar is a sticky blue product that helps remove contaminants that have become embedded in a vehicle's paint job. Brake dust, insects, paint overspray, sap, and other airborne contaminants can conspire over time to remove the brilliant shine that makes you so proud of your car. Clay bar can be used on most surfaces: metal, glass, painted plastic, chrome, etc.

While clay barring your car can help restore its finish to its original glory, it is not something that you want to do every time you wash your car. In general, you only need to do it when you bring the vehicle home from the car lot, and before and after a weatherbeaten winter.

One of the potential hazards of using a clay bar is that it can actually mar the paint. It is important to use the right grade, the proper technique, and to always use a lubricant, even if it's only your soapy washing fluid. At State Park Motors, Inc., we are more than happy to take care of this and other car care jobs off your hands.



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