Semi-Metallic vs. Ceramic: The Differences in Brake Pads That Matter

Semi-metallic and ceramic are two options for brake pads that provide the stopping power you need to maintain control while you are behind the wheel of a vehicle. These components of the braking system feature a friction pad that is created to bring the rotor to a slower speed or halt. However, the actual makeup of these parts are different.

The semi-metallic brake pads are universal, meaning that they are made to fit on most types of moving vehicles with a disc braking system. Metal shavings, which often include a combination of brass, copper, and steel, are blended with a resin material to create the brake pads installed on your automobile. This was the original type of braking pad that was manufactured.

Today's automaker often opts to equip the braking system within their automobiles with ceramic brake pads. This is due to the hardened nature of the parts that creates a longer lifespan. Ceramic pads were originally designed to provide a safer and healthier type of brake component that gave off less dust when the braking system was utilized. This proved to be better on the environment and people living within it.

If you are unsure about which type of brake pad would best serve your needs, our Ford technicians are available to provide you with additional knowledge and a complete inspection of your vehicle's braking system. This will give you a renewed sense of confidence that your stopping capabilities are up to par.

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