How Does Your Alternator Process Electricity?

Planning a road trip with friends or family soon? You may need to change your car’s alternator before you go. Your vehicle’s alternator acts as a self-powered generator that moves in rotation with a belt. In similar fashion to a wind up radio, the rotary’s continuous movement is converted into electricity through magnetization. This immediately moves an electrical current flow to the battery and various lights on the interior and exterior of the automobile.

The use of appliances such as phone chargers, heat/air conditioner, monitors, and subwoofers means that the alternator must work harder to keep everything running smoothly. The disadvantage is increased strain on its proper functionality and more stops for fuel.

The auto service experts here at State Park Motors want to help you with your alternator and assist you with any repairs or replacements. So before you leave Wintersville, OH on your weekend getaway, come and see us to know how your car’s electric output is performing!

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