How Do Infotainment Systems Work?

An infotainment system is a general word that covers a whole variety of technology inside of your vehicle. The word infotainment combines information and entertainment, so you can imagine what you are able to access through the screen on your vehicle. Some are more advanced than others and allow you to sync up to all the apps on your phone. This typically uses software called Apple CarPlay or Android Auto depending on what kind of smartphone that you have.

You can display all kinds of information through the screen as well. It’s mostly used for navigation, music, driver safety features like parking assist, and vehicle settings. You can see all of your vehicle’s diagnostics through these menus, as well as different driving modes. You can even change up your drive train and see how it changes through your infotainment’s display.

In other vehicles, infotainment systems hook into screens on the backs of your car seats, so kids can enjoy movies and apps too. You can see all of the infotainment options for new vehicles by taking a test drive at State Park Motors Inc.



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