Waxing Your Vehicle Will Extend the Life of the Paint

Applying car wax to your vehicle is a great way to help extend the life of the exterior paint. While it is true that the quality of the paint may not affect the vehicle's performance, it is also true that degraded paint can lead to rust and will detract from the vehicle's overall value.

Wax serves as a barrier to outside elements that can be detrimental to the paint, such as rainwater with pollutants, UV rays and other harmful materials. Using wax on the vehicle will also make the paint appear new because it fills in small scratches. Wash the vehicle before applying the wax and do not polish the vehicle afterwards. Waxing around three times a year is sufficient.

To ensure that your vehicle is running as well as it looks after being waxed, bring it in to State Park Motors, Inc., and we will provide any services you may need.



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