What is a Differential and Does it Need to Get Serviced?

The differential in your vehicle is responsible for transferring the power of the transmission and engine to your drive shafts so the wheels move. Something as simple as low fluids in the differential can turn into costly repairs the longer you wait.

The differential housing is full of gear oil, lubricating parts that have to power the vehicle. These fluids are similar to motor oil in that they do break down over time and are not as effective as they used to be. Weak fluids mean the moving parts get heated and could fail. A leaking differential exposes those moving parts, which could cause them to start grinding. This can cause those parts to fail, and you'll begin to feel it when the vehicle is harder to steer.

Don't neglect issues with the differential because they can turn into costly repairs the longer you put off coming to State Park Motors Inc for an automotive service call.

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