Tire Cleaning Tips to Keep in Mind This Spring

It is important to keep an eye on your tires to make sure they are always in good shape. You should make sure that the tread is not too low on all four of your tires. The wear pattern should be about the same on all four as well. If your vehicle needs a good wash and wax, make sure to pay attention to your wheels. Here's some great tips that our professional service technicians here at State Park Motors Inc have to pass on to you:

  • Always use professional grade products to clean and treat your wheels. Different products are designed for different tires and if you use the wrong item, this could do more harm than good.
  • Be sure to completely dry your tires after you wash them and before you apply any type of tire products.
  • If you need to scrub your tires, use a soft bristled brush. Not something that could scratch or damage your tires.

Happy Spring! Complete your spring cleaning by visiting our automotive service destination in Wintersville, OH. We are happy to care for your vehicle so you can enjoy it year-round.

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