Keep Your Windshield Wipers Working Properly

Given the storms that we can sometimes experience during our daily commutes, it's important to always have your windshield wipers maintained. These relatively affordable parts are simple to replace. If you're not comfortable doing this yourself, you could visit us at State Park Motors Inc.

Windshield wipers are sturdy, but their rubber components may break down over time. When these parts are damaged, the wiper blades have trouble cleaning. The result is streaks left on your windshield after a swipe with your wipers.

It's a good idea to have your wiper blades replaced each year, or even twice a year if they're used frequently. We sell parts here, as do auto and general purpose stores. The replacement job should only take a few minutes, as wiper blades are designed to easily pop out and snap in. Since there are many different sizes available, be sure to check the fit before finalizing your purchase.



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