Which Tires Best Suit Your Needs?

When you purchase your vehicle, the dealership wants you to be comfortable and knowledgeable about how to care for your vehicle and keep it working in the best way possible for you. This process encompasses understanding your driving habits and knowing which types of tires work best for you as the seasons change. Having a good understanding of the differences between summer and all-weather tires helps in this regard.

There are a number of differences between all-weather times and summer tires. Summer tires are designed for performance. 

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Using Clay Bar to Clear Contaminants from Your Car's Paint Job

Clay bar is a sticky blue product that helps remove contaminants that have become embedded in a vehicle's paint job. Brake dust, insects, paint overspray, sap, and other airborne contaminants can conspire over time to remove the brilliant shine that makes you so proud of your car. Clay bar can be used on most surfaces: metal, glass, painted plastic, chrome, etc.

While clay barring your car can help restore its finish to its original glory, it is not something that you want to do every time you wash your car. 

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The Basics of a Backup Camera

When you have safety in mind, you might want to consider driving a vehicle that has a backup camera. This is a camera that activates when you put your car in reverse. The camera gives you a view of what is behind you, showing you the camera image right on your dashboard.

A backup camera is easy to use, and provides you with an extra layer of protection when you are backing up your vehicle. At our dealership, we offer a number of vehicles that come with this added safety feature and are happy to show you your options. 

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Don't Buy a Car Without Knowing Its History

A car history report can tell you exactly how a vehicle has been used in the past. It will tell you who owned the car, when they owned it and whether it was purchased for personal use or for use in a rental fleet or police department. A history report will also alert you to any reported odometer rollbacks. 

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Waxing Your Vehicle Will Extend the Life of the Paint

Applying car wax to your vehicle is a great way to help extend the life of the exterior paint. While it is true that the quality of the paint may not affect the vehicle's performance, it is also true that degraded paint can lead to rust and will detract from the vehicle's overall value.

Wax serves as a barrier to outside elements that can be detrimental to the paint, such as rainwater with pollutants, UV rays and other harmful materials. Using wax on the vehicle will also make the paint appear new because it fills in small scratches…

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How Do Infotainment Systems Work?

An infotainment system is a general word that covers a whole variety of technology inside of your vehicle. The word infotainment combines information and entertainment, so you can imagine what you are able to access through the screen on your vehicle. Some are more advanced than others and allow you to sync up to all the apps on your phone. This typically uses software called Apple CarPlay or Android Auto depending on what kind of smartphone that you have. 

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Tire Cleaning Tips to Keep in Mind This Spring

It is important to keep an eye on your tires to make sure they are always in good shape. You should make sure that the tread is not too low on all four of your tires. The wear pattern should be about the same on all four as well. If your vehicle needs a good wash and wax, make sure to pay attention to your wheels. Here's some great tips that our professional service technicians here at State Park Motors Inc have to pass on to you:

  • Always use professional grade products to treat your wheels. Different products are…
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What is a Differential and Does it Need to Get Serviced?

The differential in your vehicle is responsible for transferring the power of the transmission and engine to your drive shafts so the wheels move. Something as simple as low fluids in the differential can turn into costly repairs the longer you wait.

The differential housing is full of gear oil, lubricating parts that have to power the vehicle. These fluids are similar to motor oil in that they do break down over time and are not as effective as they used to be. 

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Which Type of Car Warranty Should You Get?

Buying a new or used car comes with a lot of decisions, including which type of warranty to get. Some cars already come with warranties, but it is still important to know what is covered and what isn't. A powertrain warranty includes the transmission, drive train and most of what is under the car's hood. It excludes a few things such as the car's battery.

Bumper-to-bumper warranties include more of the car's systems, but they last for a shorter period of time. 

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What's Inside Your Roadside Emergency Kit?

More importantly, do you even have a roadside emergency kit in your car? Here are a few essentials you'll need to put in your safety kit. A small bag of useful tools can go a long way in making repairs. Things like a hammer, screwdriver, multi-tool, saw, scissors, and socket set, all can make your time stranded more productive.

Bring a couple containers of engine oil and a gallon of coolant in the event these fluids get low in your vehicle. 

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