Winter is here! We can deny it all we want or we can get some good winter tires. Our staff at State Park Motors wants you to be an informed driver when purchasing new winter tires. It’s important to know the difference and now what you need. With so many brands and types available, it can be hard to decide, so we’ve broken it down for you a little.

Stud-less ice/snow tires will provide you the best traction on ice and snow while studded tires are great for ice traction but will need studs if you’re on the ice. Performance ice/snow tires will provide great for you as long as most of your time is spent on dry roads. These three tire types are available as car passenger tires and light truck/SUV tires.

Don’t waste another minute researching winter tires. We have what you need. Come to the shop, and we’ll install your tires for you.



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