Correct Tire Pressure Always Matters

Have you ever wondered why setting your tire pressure to the correct PSI is important? At State Park Motors, we are here to give you answers! So whether you have too much air pressure or not enough, tire pressure is important and here's why.

Too Much Pressure

Having too much tire pressure will cause uneven wear in the center of your tire tread, and can cause driving to be excessively bumpy. It can also dangerously overload your suspension causing you to lose control.

Not Enough Pressure

You will lose tire tread on the outer edges fast if your tire pressure is low, causing you to need new tires much sooner, and possibly putting you into a dangerous situation where your tire blows out on you because of inner-wear.

So stay aware of your tire pressures, and refer to the owner's manual for specifications. Bring your car to us at State Park Motors for all of your tire-related services!



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