Should You Choose FWD or RWD?

Whether a vehicle has rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive will affect its cost, traction and handling. We want Wintersville drivers to understand the implications of their choice, so stop by State Park Motors Inc and let us help you find the vehicle that delivers the driving experience you want.

Front-wheel drive assemblies are less expensive to produce and result in a lighter-weight car. This means the cost of the vehicle can be kept lower, and the fuel efficiency is higher. Having the heavy front end of the car over the drive wheels also gives great traction in bad weather.

Rear-wheel drive, on the other hand, gives Wintersville drivers a smoother ride and better handling. This is why luxury and high-performance cars usually have RWD. Trucks often use RWD because it can take a beating. Also, for reasons of weight distribution, RWD is a better option for towing.


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